We’re Hiring

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We are experiencing a time of growth and are seeking dedicated professionals with various experience to assist with complex and interesting archaeological and cultural heritage management projects in Victoria. See advertisements on Seek www.seek.com.au/job/56949139 www.seek.com.au/job/56948276

Position Available

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We are seeking a dedicated and experienced professional who can manage complex and interesting archaeological and cultural heritage management projects in Victoria. Dr Vincent Clark and Associates is seeking expressions of interest from archaeologist for a permanent full-time position as Archaeologist / Heritage Advisor within our company. For 25 years we have been providing high […]

South Gippsland Discovery Tour May 2019

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Dr Vincent Clark & Associates prioritises working with our clients to ensure good community-engagement throughout our projects. Paul Kucera, one of our Senior Archaeologists and Project Managers, was fortunate enough to present at the South Gippsland Discovery tour in May 2019. Dr Vincent Clark & Associates are heritage advisors to the Major Roads Project Authority […]

Victorian Archaeology Colloquium 2019

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On Friday 1st February 2019, archaeologists from Dr Vincent Clark & Associates presented the results of their work at the Victorian Archaeology Colloquium which was held at La Trobe University. The Colloquium is an annual event for archaeologists and Traditional Owners in Victoria to share ideas and present their work. The event was well attended […]

Just like finding a needle in a…… carpark?

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One good thing about being an archaeologist is that you get really good at finding small things! The team from Dr VC&A found these needles and other sewing items at the Jones Lane archaeological dig site after the removal of the Wesley Church Carpark. Underneath the carpark homes dating to the mid-1800s were excavated and […]

Someone’s lost their marbles!

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Someone lost their marbles over 100 years ago at Old Bridge Inn in Mernda. Luckily, archaeologists from Dr Vincent Clark & Associates were able to relocate them in the 2017 excavations. The Inn was one of the earliest businesses in Victoria located outside of Melbourne. The marbles may indicate the presence of children, with dolls […]

International Conference on Egyptian Archaeology

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Two Dr VC&A team members, Dr Paul Kucera and Sarah Ricketts recently travelled to Prato, Italy to attend the Ninth International Conference of the Dakhleh Oasis Project. Dakhleh Oasis Project has been running continuously since 1978 and facilitates the study of the settlement of an oasis in Egypt’s Western Desert. The project has a unique […]

Chinese Stoneware at Cato Square

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The artefact team from Dr VC&A have reassembled a Chinese stoneware food storage vessel from the Cato Square Excavations. Whilst international products are common today, imported Chinese vessels were a rarity for European working class people in Melbourne in the late 19th century, indicating either that Chinese people were living in the area, or interaction […]

Eureka Lead Pistol and Gold Rush Exhibition

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Are you interested in the Gold Rush, why not visit the exhibition currently on display at the Old Treasury Building in partnership with the Public Record Office of Victoria, Gold Rush: 20 Objects, 20 Stories, featuring a unique find excavated by Dr Vincent Clark, a Pepperbox Pistol. This c1850s pistol, currently on loan from Heritage Victoria, has […]

Talks at La Trobe University

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Jasmine Scibilia and Dr Michelle Negus Cleary from Dr Vincent Clark & Associates recently spoke at the La Trobe University Archaeology Seminar Series, a weekly event hosted by the Department of Archaeology and History. The archaeologists discussed their work on inner-city archaeological projects which are becoming more and more frequent with the increase of development […]