Impostor china

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Early this year, Bronwyn Woff from Dr. Vincent Clark & Associates presented her interpretations from some interesting finds from the excavation of Cato Street Car Park in Prahran at the Victorian Archaeology Colloquium at La Trobe University. This area is currently under development to create a multi-functional urban parkland and underground car parking space. From her analysis Bronwyn was able […]

2018 Bruce Turner Presentation: What Lies Beneath

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Date and time: 7:00 – 8:30pm, Thursday the 28th June 2018 Place: Prahran Mechanics’ Institute Victorian History Library, 39 St. Edmonds Road, Prahran This Thursday at the Prahran Mechanics Institute, Dr Michelle Negus Cleary will be delivering a free public lecture on her work with Cato Street Carpark. This is a fantastic opportunity for archaeology students and […]

The Jones Lane Kids

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On the Friday the 2nd February of this year, artefact specialists from Dr. Vincent Clark & Associates and Christine Williamson Heritage presented their findings at the Victorian Archaeology Colloquium at La Trobe University. Nadia Bajzelj and Dr Christine Williamson presented their interpretation of the finds associated with children from the excavation of the Wesley Church precinct in Melbourne’s CBD. […]

Bottles, Bullets and Teacups: Artefacts from the Old Bridge Inn

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On Saturday the 26th May Dr Michelle Negus Cleary and Bronwyn Woff (pictured) presented the findings of their work the Old Bridge Inn archaeological study in Mernda as a part of Archaeology Week. The Old Bridge Inn archaeological investigations was Victoria’s first historical archaeological offset project. A main aim of the off-set project was to […]

Archaeology Week – Mernda Rail Project

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Archaeology Week got off to a great start this week with presentations by Dr Michelle Negus Cleary and Jasmine Scibilia speaking at the City of Whittlesea Civic Centre Office about their work on the Mernda Railway and the Old Bridge Inn. If you missed out, everyone is welcome to join us this Saturday the 26th […]

Exploration Lane

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Another opportunity to explore the early settlement of Melbourne arose in October this year when a block of land in Exploration Lane was excavated as a part of historical investigations. Located off Little Lonsdale Street between Exhibition and Russel Street, Exploration Lane was occupied by a number of buildings from the early 19th century. Excavations […]

Cato Street Exhibition – Prahran Mechanic’s Institute

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Following on from the archaeological investigations conducted earlier this year, an exhibition hosted by the Prahran Mechanic’s Institute (PMI Victorian History Library) will be running from Thursday the 19th of October to Friday the 3rd of November. A public lecture will be conducted by our own Dr Michelle Negus Cleary on the opening night of the exhibition […]

Jones Lane Historical Archaeology

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Earlier this year archaeologists from Dr Vincent Clark & Associates excavated a row of six cottages next to the Wesley Church on Lonsdale Street, and in the process uncovered a slice of Melbourne’s early colonial history. The residences, located along Jones Lane (previously Green Lane), provided a unique opportunity to investigate early residential living in Melbourne. […]

Exploring a neglected area of Australian historical archaeology

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VC&A staff member Wendy Morrison recently submitted her PhD at La Trobe University, in which she investigated the remains of one of the first farmsteads built in the Gembrook area of south-eastern Victoria by one of the town’s pioneer families. “I’m very interested in the whole process of early colonial immigration and settlement”, she said, […]

Atherstone Homestead Historical Investigation

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As part of a large-scale residential development project at Melton, 35 km west of Melbourne’s CBD, Dr Vincent Clark & Associates recently excavated the remains of an unusual bluestone structure close to the Toolern Creek. This feature was situated on the Exford Estate, once an extensive squatting property built in 1846 by one of Melton’s […]