Angela Goh

PhD Melbourne University (currently underway); MSc, Melbourne University; BA, McMaster University, Canada; BSc (Honours) National University of Singapore

Angela has many years’ experience working in archaeology and physical anthropology in Canada, Belize, Singapore, Georgia as well as in Australia. Since joining the team at Dr. Vincent Clark & Associates in 2009 she has worked in Victorian archaeology, including both historical and Aboriginal sites. She has worked on sites such as Tambo Bluff, King’s Road and Malmsbury Common and has also contributed to numerous Cultural Heritage Management Plans. She is experienced working with lithics in Victoria as well as at indigenous sites in Canada (Iroquoian) and Mayan sites in Belize.

Angela’s professional focus is on stress and health in past populations. She honed her skills during her Master’s degree at the University of Melbourne which involved a study of human remains at a Late Antique Period site in Georgia, examining crania and teeth.

At the Bukit Brown Cemetery in Singapore, she led a team of 20 people documenting and cataloguing the artefacts of over 5,000 exhumed graves in 2013-2014. The second part of the project involves analysing the teeth of individuals from unclaimed graves to study stress and general health of the population, as well as the oral health of the individuals.

Angela has given a public lecture at the National Library of Singapore and spoken to public interest and school groups on her work at the Bukit Brown Cemetery.