Gemma Lee

BA (Honours), University of Melbourne, PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne

Gemma is an archaeologist and registered heritage advisor who has been employed in the consulting industry since 2018. She has experience in archaeological excavation and survey in both historic and Indigenous heritage across Victoria. Internationally, Gemma has worked as an archaeologist and trench supervisor on fieldwork projects in Israel at Tell es-Safi/Gath and in the Republic of Georgia at Rabati.

Gemma completed her Bachelor of Arts degree (honours) at the University of Melbourne in 2016, with a focus on Egyptian and Near Eastern archaeology. She is currently undertaking a PhD in archaeology at the University of Melbourne. Her research investigates the use of abandoned and under-utilised archaeological collections in teaching and learning at a university level. Gemma has also undertaken lecturing and tutoring work in the Classics and Archaeology department at the University of Melbourne (2017-2020) and produced publications on the curation crisis and the benefits of object-based learning in university contexts.