Jordan Cole

BA (Hons), La Trobe University

Jordan Cole is a professional archaeologist, heritage advisor, and a recent honours graduate from La Trobe University. His primary interests include Australian historical archaeology, American colonial archaeology, landscape archaeology, and GIS. Jordan studied a Bachelor of Archaeology with Honours at La Trobe University and Leicester University (UK). As part of his Honours degree Jordan completed a thesis titled, ‘Convict Stations and Slave Plantations, Landscapes of Domination and Resistance’. His thesis reviewed the similar methods by which physical landscapes were created and manipulated to control unfree forced labourers in Convict Tasmania and Antebellum America. He graduated with first class honours in May of 2016.

Jordan has archaeological field experience from a wide range of sites both in Australia and abroad. He has worked on Roman era sites in Northern Spain and Tuscany, and has worked on both Historic and Aboriginal sites throughout Victoria, including the major research project at Neds Corner in Northwest Victoria.