Sophie Russell

BA (Honours), University of Melbourne, PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne

Sophie has worked as an archaeologist and GIS Specialist with Dr Vincent Clark and Associates since 2018 and has experience with archaeological excavation and survey in both historic and Indigenous heritage across Victoria.

Sophie specializes in site surveying including the collection, processing and representation of geospatial data using Geographic Information Systems and mapping software. Sophie also specializes in photogrammetry and Reflectance Transformation Imaging to produce digital 3D models of archaeological sites and objects.

Outside of consultancy, Sophie is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne. Her research explores the opportunities of 3D modelling for community engagement with cultural heritage at risk in conflict or disaster. She has produced publications on the management of cultural heritage in conflict and has taught subjects in the Ancient World Studies department at the University of Melbourne. Sophie has also worked as an archaeologist and field survey specialist in Peru, Greece and Georgia, with ongoing research interests in the Middle East.